solar array

System Planning

We frequently hear from people who purchased pre-packaged renewable energy systems only to find that one part or the other was not suitable for their application. Satisfaction with your renewable energy system starts with detailed planning and ends with careful attention to your day to day power usage.

Take a moment to view our sample systems on the right. These examples may fit everything from RVs to homes to commercial buildings. Residential systems will typically have either a battery bank and inverter (stand-alone) or just an inverter to feed power into the grid (for net metering).

Good Design Practices for renewable energy systems

Our next section, good design practices, will help you evaluate your electrical needs and learn about the many factors that effect performance in solar, wind and hydro powered electrical systems.

Water Pumping

Solar water pumps are normally array direct, whereby the solar array is fed into a pump controller and then down to a water pump. When the sun stops shining, the pump stops running. Since there are many, many different applications for water pumps and many, many different pumps to meet those various applications, we have included a questionnaire to be completed. Using that information we can help you size a pumping system to meet your needs.


Telecommunications are specific to the equipment being operated and the duty cycle of that equipment. Many telecommunications sites have equipment of different operating voltages working in tandem. This compounds the complexity of the system design. As in any solar application, the amount of sunlight available at any given time of the year is of critical importance. A system designed for a site near Phoenix won’t be adequate for a site located in Seattle.


Example systems

Selway 12 Volt System

Selway - 12 Volt Solar System

Typically used in RVs or small cabins.

Madison 24 Volt System

Madison - 24 Volt Solar System

Typically used for medium sized homes.

Missouri 48 Volt System

Missouri - 48 Volt Solar System

Typically used for large homes or ranches.

Grizzly 48 Volt System - Grid Tie

Grizzly - 48 Volt Solar System

May be used for any size grid connected home or business.