17 Jun 2010

Solar / Wind Hybrid System

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Dave Koger walked into our shop and said “I want it all.”  He wanted a system that could be grid-tied AND provide battery back-up AND be charged with Solar power AND Wind power.  Whew.  So we said “Alright, you came to the right place!”  Dave, like so many of our customers, wanted the convenience and practicality of being tied to the grid, but he also wanted back-up if the power went out.

He’s one of the few lucky ones in Western Montana who lives in a windy area, so he decided to harness that resource, as well as solar.  His site is perfect for both – wide open with no obstructions.  Now, whether it’s calm and sunny or windy and dark, he’s now making power almost every hour of the day.  And that power either reduces is electric bill or charges his batteries when the power goes out.  I guess you really can have it all!

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